My name is Dmitry and I create websites. 

I live in Russia but spend a third of my time in Germany as my main job is to transport animals from Russia to Europe. And so my German friends suggested trying to create websites for EU citizens. Difficulties in understanding each other are not terrible. My son is a German citizen, lives permanently in Ingolstadt, as well as friends who can always help with translation from German or English into Russian and vice versa. And google translator is always at hand :)

What sites i create?

I create multi-page business card sites and LandingPage (one-page sites) on the Bootstrap framework, which gives cross-browser, cross-platform and responsiveness. Websites built with Bootstrap display identically across devices and modern browsers.

Responsive design assumes one domain (no subdomain needed for the mobile version), one site code (no need to write a mobile version of the site) and one content. content is saved on the screen, but changes its position depending on the screen resolution.

Ability to connect jQuery and javascript plugins. For example: sidebar, switchable tabs, carousel element, media player, audio player, callback order, whatsapp icon with automatic chat, pop-ups, social media buttons, counters, sliders and much more.

Stages of work


Discussion with the customer of the purpose of developing the site in order to understand what exactly the client expects from his future site.


Development of technical specifications, which includes: Structure in the form of a diagram, consisting of main sections, subsections and the number of pages; description of the design (general design - you can use examples from other sites, basic colors, logo, location of various blocks); wishes for modules (plugins).


Creation of a design layout of the site.
Refinement and approval of the selected version of the concept; creation of layouts of internal pages (categories, goods / services, contacts); Refinement and approval of each of the standard pages.
The layout may lack content: both textual information and photographs that the customer must provide in the process of creating a website - it can be temporarily filled with demo text and pictures.


Without text and photos, the site has a fairly conventional value. The customer provides content (text, photos, videos, contact information). The final time for the completion of the site development depends on how soon the content is provided to the developer.


The contractor transfers the project to hosting, the customer provides or buys with the contractor a domain name (site address) and hosting, the site successfully starts on the network.


The customer pays for the site development service.

Frequently asked questions

As new questions arise, I will add answers to them in this block

I have never studied to be a website developer, but nevertheless I have been successfully doing this since 2007. It all started with the fact that I needed to create my own website and wanted to try to do it myself, without resorting to specialists. It seemed interesting to me to study, gradually I learned something new and developed my skills. Along with the skill, artistic taste also developed, because when creating a site, it is necessary to choose matching colors, correctly position the content, think about what fonts to use, and many other nuances.

Oh sure. Along with web development, I also studied the basics of graphic design. I just can’t imagine how you can create websites without knowing how to work with graphics. This is practically impossible, customers rarely order graphics from one artist, and site development from another.

As a rule, a small business card site is created in 2-3 days. I have a good working capacity and enthusiasm for the work process, I am able to spend 15-16 hours a day at work if it is necessary to quickly complete an order. But it is very important that the customer transfers all the content for the site within the agreed time. Most often it happens that the layout is completely ready, but the work has stalled precisely because the customer did not have time to prepare texts or photographs.

It often happens that the site owner needs to change some data, add or remove texts, photos or videos. For a very modest fee, I am always ready to help.

1. I live in Russia and the prices for such work are lower here than in EU.
2. I prefer to set minimum prices and attract more customers with a low price.


Friends, during my practice I have created a huge number of sites, but most of them are outdated long ago,
because the web industry does not stand still. Therefore, I will add only those sites that I have created
over the past couple of years. There are also several sites that I just can't finish due to the fact
that customers have not yet provided content, I will place them in an unfinished form on my server.

If you prefer to communicate by e-mail write to me in this form